I have a lot of bad ideas. Ask the people who know me. These are some better-ish of them. Maybe someone out there has the free time to go do them…

IOP Wooden beach shovel company

Honestly, I see a ton of plastic crap left at our beach from people visiting. In specific, the number of kids toys abandon in the surf. I’m sure it’s only 1% of the plastic waste neglected at the beach, but I think it would be pretty clever to make biodegradable beach toys. Leave a wooden shovel at the beach, it rots in disappears back to nature. Give an alternative, and reduce/remove/ban plastics over time.

Bo DAO, BoCoin

Boscephus (Bo) is an escape artist. So are my 2 labs. So is my neighbors standard poodle. I’d like to build a DAO based for my neighborhood dogs. Supported by crypto payments for retrieving lost dogs and impromptu play dates. Also useful for paying fines to Animal Control.

Killing old web projects

This is actually a good bad idea. I do too much. My office is a mess of architecture models, sketches for work, etc. And over time I’ve accumulated a series of websites that at the time were hilarious to me. They’re financially really cheap to create at host. However mentally their just clutter. Here’s the list:

  • Happenings by Heidi – my wifes event page. Not the worst idea.
  • Look at my meat – pictures of things I’m grilling/smoking with really dirty titles.
  • Save IOP – random idea to create a ficticiously non-profit for saving something not needing saving.
  • InformationJunkyard – online archive since ’98, a junkyard of random thoughtts and design artifacts.

Fairly, over my lifetime I’ve launched and deprecated dozens of websites for jokes. Maybe someday I’ll learn.

Presidential boat flags

We have a lot of boats in Charleston. And a lot of them with “Trump 2020” flags proudly displayed. I think it would be funny if there were actual presidential flags. Flags that simply say “Lincoln 1797”, or “Roosevelt 1945”. No one would understand this. That’s why it’s funny, but only to me.

Tshirts that help new residence be kind

So we have a lot of folks recently moving to the Charleston area during Covid. Can’t blame them – remote work coupled with being outdoors. This place is amazing. What we could do with is a bit less complaining. Have fond memories of moving here from California; Learning to slow down a notch, seeing how the locals do it, and enjoying the beauty that comes with living in the Lowcountry.

“Yes, the bagels here are really bad.”
“Yes, there are lots of great places in OhIo.”
tagline: Act Local. Be Kind.

Real-time negotiation for Autonomous car crashes

Your Tesla hits a thing (human, car, etc.) and automatically negotiates fault, sends crypto payment in damages, in real time, so you can get back to watching your movie on autopilot.